Proposed Land Use Change

Proposed Land Use Change

You are invited to an Online Information Session (Registration Required)

Please be advised that the upcoming information session is organized by EC Living, an independent applicant, and is not associated with MPCA. To effectively convey your feedback, it is recommended that you communicate through correspondence addressed to the planner, as well as through presentations and letters directed to the Council.

Register for the upcoming digital online information event held via Zoom related to the Land Use Redesignations 501-505 30 AV NW (LOC2023-0050) and 466 29 AV NW (LOC2023-0047) on March 30, 2023 from 6:00-7:00pm.

MP466 – 466 29 AV NW (LOC2023-0047)
MP501 – 501-505 30 AV NW (LOC2023-0050) 
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