We've got an MPCA membership that suits you and your family!

A Mount Pleasant Community Association (MPCA) membership is an excellent way to support your community. Calgary’s rapid growth has made it harder to develop a sense of belonging and community. Join the MPCA, participate in community activities, and help to foster a small town feeling within our great, but big city. Please purchase or renew your membership today!

Benefits of Membership
  • Membership is an opportunity to support your community.
  • Members have free public skating at the Mount Pleasant Sportsplex and Pickleball.
  • Membership is required for access to MPCA special events.
  • Membership is required for participation in the Soccer and PlayGroup programs.
  • Only Mount Pleasant residents with MPCA membership can vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and sit on the Board of Directors.
  • Members receive e-mail newsletter updates on upcoming special events, volunteer opportunities, and the AGM.
  • Members may qualify for reduced group home and auto insurance rates (based on experience); go to ToolePeet.
Membership fees collected help to support these aspects of our community:
  • The Pulse, the MPCA monthly newsletter
  • Community facilities such as the Sportsplex and Hall
  • Children’s soccer and pool programs
  • Special events to bring residents together and build community


Membership Cost

Whether you’re a family, business, or individual, an MPCA membership is a great way to gain access to perks while you contribute to the community!

Membership TypeCost
Mount Pleasant Residents$15.00 per membership year per family
Mount Pleasant Senior Residents$5.00 per membership year per family
Mount Pleasant Life MembersFree
Non-residents$25.00 per membership year per family

Prices include GST

Our membership year runs from date of purchase.

Types of Membership
  • Full Members are Mount Pleasant residents who have a current MPCA membership.
  • Associate Members reside outside of Mount Pleasant and have a current MPCA membership.
  • Life Members are Mount Pleasant residents who have been Full Members for at least 10 years, are age 65 or older, and have applied to become a Life Member.
  • Honorary Members have been recognized by a resolution at the General Meeting for their significant contribution to MPCA.


Only Full Members and Life Members can vote at MPCA Annual General Meetings.


Become an MPCA Member

There’s 3 ways to purchase a membership:

  1. Apply online
  2. Apply for membership online and mail in your payment
  3. Mail in both your application and payment


You will receive e-mail confirmation of your membership number and membership period in place of a membership card. If you forget your membership number, you will be able to Retrieve Membership Details.

If you have a question while completing your application information, click here or email engagement@mpca.ca


Personal information provided by community association members will not be used or passed on for any purpose other than to meet MPCA requirements.

Invest your time in the community and see big returns

Supporting the MPCA supports quality of life and community building in the neighbourhood, and in many ways, a vibrant community can benefit everyone – by keeping property values up, advocating for commerce and infrastructure, offering opportunities for skill building through volunteering or employment, and providing space for important neighbour-to-neighbour networks.

The MPCA and the programs it offers are made possible through the time and energy of our volunteers. Will you make a difference for your community? Volunteers can help out in a variety of ways and be involved for shorter and longer periods of time. If you are interested in volunteering, please indicate your areas of interest when purchasing your membership, fill out the form below or contact engagement@mpca.ca.


MPCA Business Memberships Now Available!

MPCA has introduced a new membership category exclusively for community businesses to improve local commerce and brand awareness in the community. 

A Business Membership Includes:
  • Free listing of your business in MPCA’s online business directory
  • The right to attend and speak at MPCA’s Annual General Meeting
  • The ability to ask that items be added to the agenda at MPCA’s monthly Board meetings and to address those items
  • Postings on our social media accounts promoting awareness of your business to all our members


If sufficient interest is expressed, MPCA also will consider supporting a small business network to assist community businesses to develop and grow.

The annual membership fee is $100. The membership year is from date of purchase.

Business Membership application here

Please print and complete the today and return it with your cheque payable to MPCA to the address on the form.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to engagement@mpca.ca