Greenline Done Right

The Mount Pleasant Community Association

On June 15th, Calgary City Council is being asked to approve the new 2020 alignment for the Green Line. This is being done despite public engagement being halted as a result of COVID-19, and without answering critical questions regarding the final design of the north part of the line.

The Green Line is the most important transit project the City of Calgary has ever undertaken. We should do it right.

Please note: This petition does reflect the official position of the Board. If you read the petition our opposition is based on several points. We are not against LRT. However, the City is asking the public to support the alignment when there are MANY unanswered questions regarding the impacts of going above ground. Traffic impacts, better public engagement, a plan for existing businesses that will lose street parking, how redevelopment will be facilitated in alignment with Main Street principles per the MDP are all reasons why the MPCA is opposed. Where vehicles will go with one lane for cars downs Centre?

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