Participating block
Participating Artist


17 ave between 2nd and 3rd street

2 street between 17th and 18th ave

19 ave between 4th and 2nd street

18 ave between 7th and 6th street

18 ave between 9th and 10th street

21 ave between 8th and 9th street

22 ave between 7th and 8th street

23 Ave between 2nd and 4th street

25 ave between 5th and 6th street  

26 ave between 2nd and 4th street

27 ave between 2nd and 4th street

27 ave between 5th and 6th street

30 ave 

31 ave between 1st and 2nd street

32 ave between 4th and 3rd street 

PARTICIPATING ARTIST instructions & suggestions

It Might Rain

If it rains this weekend, as it is suppose to on Sunday, make sure to bring your artwork inside. You can set it up in your window or porch. Keep the balloons outside so people can still drive by to get a glimpse of your work. 

I Can Only Participate For Some of The Weekend

Not to worry. Participate as much as you can. There is no minimum to how much or how long you need to set your artwork up in order to participate.

Posting to Social Media

Make sure to take a picture of your set-up and tag our Facebook page, Twitter handle or Instagram so we can repost. You can also include a hashtag, #mountpleasantart. 


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