Resolve Legal Group – Cyndy D. Morin

Resolve Legal Group – Cyndy D. Morin

I have been practicing exclusively in the area of Family Law as a Litigator, Mediator and Arbitrator and have done so for 14 years. Although most of my work is helping families in high conflict, my approach is to always look at the family as a whole as I look for long term sustainable restructuring of the family in the healthiest way possible . My goal is to help families thrive through difficult life transitions and give families the tools they need to depart from the legal system and keep from becoming dependent on it. Resolve Legal Group is a Multi Award Winning firm due to its unique and effective multidisciplinary and supportive family systems approach to all personal areas of law.

To contact Cyndy directly please call:

Phone: 403.229.2365

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At Resolve Legal Group, our priority is helping our clients and our community through the COVID-19 outbreak.Here is the commitment that you can expect from our team:

  1. Remote legal services;
  2. Alternative ways to obtain binding decisions during restricted Court access;
  3. Safety protocols in place for unavoidable in person appointments to prevent the spread of Covid 19;
  4. Lawyers on call for our clients 24/7 effective immediately;
  5. In house mediation/arbitration services with qualified and experienced mediators/arbitrators;
  6. Free supports through our Client Support Coordinator;
  7. Verified, up to date information posted on our Resolve Legal Group Facebook Page as it becomes available, to keep you informed;

…and more

To find out more about what upcoming services and programs we are working on to help our clients and the communities we serve, contact clientsupport@resolvelegalgroup.comIf you require legal assistance that is not urgent – please call 403-229-2365 during regular business hours.

Calgary Location

Suite #440, 318-11th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 0Y2
Phone: 403-229-2365
Fax: 403-229-0139
Mon – Fri: 9AM – 5PM

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