Mount Pleasant Community Visioning Meeting

Mount Pleasant Community Visioning Meeting

Here is your chance to add to Mount Pleasants voice on having control and giving direction to Mount Pleasant Community growth and development.

Saturday, May 28, 2016 10:00am – 04:00pm

601 22 Ave NW

Upper Hall

Light Lunch will be provided

  • Do community residents agree with the City of Calgary densification plans?
  • How do you see Mount Pleasant community densification?
  • Where do you see densification happening – major roads only, specific roads, everywhere?
  • Do you want to see row housing?
  • How do you want to see residential parking handled with increased densification?
  • With the Green Line approved on Centre Street – what will traffic on 4th St, 10 St and 20 Ave  look like, how will traffic look with limited east west Center Street crossings?
  • What additonal densification related issues are there going to be for traffic and with existing traffic calming measures – 4St, 10St, Bike Lanes, traffic circles?
  • What should 4th Street look like in the future – mixed use buildings from 16th to 32nd Ave?


We need to build a consensus on what the community would allow to be built in the future and how we want to deveolp.

We need a written plan that we can present to the City and Developers so that the unique character of the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood is preserved.

Hope to see you May 28!


What is the Green Line – Link

What is the Calgary Municipal Development Plan – Link

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