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Mount Pleasant Community Association (MPCA) membership is an excellent way to support your community. Calgary’s rapid growth has made it harder to develop a sense of belonging and community. Join your MPCA, participate in community activities, and help to foster a small town feeling within our great, but big, city. Please purchase or renew your membership today!

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Membership fees collected help to support:

  • The Pulse, the MPCA monthly newsletter
  • Community facilities such as the Sportsplex and Hall
  • Children’s soccer, hockey and ringette subsidies, and pool programs
  • Special events to bring residents together and build community


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$25.00 per membership year per family

* New residents are ones who moved into Mount Pleasant since the previous September 1.

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Types of Membership

  • Full Members are Mount Pleasant residents who have purchased a current MPCA membership.
  • Associate Members reside outside of Mount Pleasant and have purchased a current MPCA membership.
  • Life Members are Mount Pleasant residents who have been Full Members for at least 10 years, are age 65 or older, and have applied to become a Life Member.
  • Honorary Members have been recognized by a resolution at the General Meeting for their significant contribution to MPCA.

Only Full Members and Life Members can vote at MPCA Annual General Meetings.


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Benefits of Membership

  • Membership is an opportunity to support your community.
  • Members can purchase monthly passes for the Mount Pleasant outdoor pool.
  • Members recieve reduced cost for Swimming lessons at the Mount Pleasant outdoor pool.
  • Hockey and ringette subsidies are available for members’ children.
  • Members have free public skating at the Mount Pleasant Sportsplex.
  • Members get discounted ticket prices for community Special Events.
  • Membership is required for participation in the Soccer and PlayGroup programs.
  • Only Mount Pleasant residents with MPCA membership can vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and sit on the Board of Directors.
  • Members receive e-mail notice of City matters affecting Mount Pleasant, upcoming Special Events, volunteer opportunities, and the AGM.
  • Members may qualify for reduced group home and auto insurance rates (based on experience); go to ToolePeet.


Volunteers Make a Difference

The MPCA and the programs it offers are made possible through the time and energy of our volunteers. Will you make a difference for your community? Volunteers can help out in a variety of ways and be involved for shorter and longer periods of time. If you are interested in volunteering, please indicate your areas of interest when purchasing your membership or contact


Anyone making a donation to the community association will receive an official receipt for income tax purposes. You can make a general donation or target a specific need. All donations are gratefully accepted.


We ran our annual community cleanup in May and it was a great success thanks to our
amazing volunteers. Community cleanup collection totals:
● 11 355 kg of Garbage
● 1280 kg of Organics
● 430 kg of Mixed Recycling
● 1393 kg of Electronics Recycled
● 33 Mattresses Recycled
● 52 Carseats Recycled
● 50+ Tires & Rims Recycled
● 1 Full Bin of Metal Recycled
● 5 Bikes Donated to Two Wheel View
● 2 Truckloads of Donations to the Calgary Drop-In Centre


Due to COVID-19 this years clean-up has been cancelled until further notice.

Green Initiatives Committee

mission statement

To help empower Mount Pleasant residents in building a stronger and more sustainable community through engagement, awareness, and shared learning.


The Green Initiatives Committee (GIC) began informally in May, 2019. To help guide the GIC in identifying priorities for the community, a survey was distributed during the Community Day event on June 15, 2019. A total of 32 persons were surveyed (23 had a community membership).

The survey results show that residents mostly get information from the Pulse and the newsletter. Six points of interests were identified:

  • Waste reduction,
  • Gardening,
  • Rain Barrels/Water Conservation,
  • Composting,
  • Green Transportation,
  • Recycling.

The above interest points have been consolidated into three focus areas for the GIC to prioritize:

  • Gardening (water conservation included)
  • Waste Management (waste reduction, composting, recycling)
  • Green Transportation In line with the survey results, Green Initiative communication will be done through the Pulse and the Green Initiative Facebook page. The MP Community Facebook page will be used for advertisement.

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community garden

The Mount Pleasant Community Garden is situated in the green space surrounding the North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre located at 523 27 Ave NW. There are 31 plots individually available for rent on a yearly basis. The community garden supports the environmental sustainability of the community by allowing community members to grow their own, local food. It also provides a unique opportunity for community gardeners to meet and connect with one another.

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