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Mount Pleasant is a neighborhood in the midst of transition. A significant number of older, original homes have been demolished and replaced with single family or semi-detached infills.  This has served to revitalize our neighborhood as the population has risen and we see many young families moving in. 

We have come to accept that we need higher density to bring the types of amenities, services and retail establishments we desire in our neighborhood. We are already seeing a significant density increase simply from the turnover of older bungalows on 50 foot lots to infill on 25 foot lots. 

A few years back, our Planning, Transportation & Land Use (PTLU) Committee reached out to the community and hosted an all-day, open house, visioning exercise to gather feedback on the development of our neighborhood. At that event it was clearly expressed that our residents support higher density on the busier roads in our community (4th Street, 10th Street and 20th Avenue) but not throughout the rest of the community. We also feel this is good planning rationale as it will encourage redevelopment of these less desirable properties and the higher density redevelopment will have less impact on adjacent properties. 

We took that resident perspective to our Board of Directors and then to our Annual General Meeting, where it was voted on and ratified by our membership as our official position. We have held to that position over the recent years and been supportive of a number of row-house projects along those three busier roads. Some of these are completed and occupied and some are still in development. We have also been involved in, and generally supportive of, a number of secondary suites and laneway suites in our community. 

We are supportive of high density apartment development on 16th Ave NW, the south side of 17th Ave NW and in a portion of 4th St NW where there is an existing concentration of commercial development. We are not supportive of apartment zoning anywhere else in our community. We believe that higher density should be located in clusters on the busier streets to be most effective and minimize the impact on other residents. 

We recently supported the Calgary Housing application to rezone property on 20th Ave NW for the development of Affordable Housing.  This location is quite unique in that it has no adjacent residential neighbors, will be limited to three stories and is part of a reinvigoration of a large block of land to comprehensively include the housing, a public amenity (park) space and an Off-Leash Area (dog-park). 

We are opposed to re-zoning from an R-C2 to an R-CG designation on roads that are not main roads in the community in principle because of the policy we have adopted, because it does not align with our current Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) and specifically because of the lack of appropriate engagement that has been conducted with local residents. 

  1. Policy

We have a very reasonable density policy based on solid planning rationale and supporting community desires. This policy has worked effectively to guide appropriate densification in our community. Placing R-CG development on roads that are not main roads is in contradiction to this policy and we do not support it. 

In the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Mount Pleasant is defined as a Developed Residential Area., which recognizes the predominantly low density nature of and supports the retention of housing stock or moderate intensification in form and nature that respects the scale and character of the neighborhood. It also states that multi-family redevelopment should be compatible with the established pattern of development. R-CG development on roads that are not main roads is not consistent with the established pattern of development in the immediate and surrounding residential areas of our community, which are all single detached or semi-detached homes.

  1. ARP

Our current ARP was put in place after comprehensive consultation between the community and the City. It was drafted with the desire to plan and accommodate for growth while preserving the unique community character of our neighbourhood. It is very dated, and from our understanding, the proposed R-CG land use did not exist when the ARP was enacted. A new land use like R-CG should not just be wedged into the ARP without similar consultation and collaboration.  

The ARP discourages the re-designation of low density residential land to higher density residential in order to maintain and preserve the stability and character of the community. It also seeks to maintain the general development of the adjacent area. It states that townhouses may be appropriate on the edge of a low density area and not central to it and that their maximum height should be in the 9-10 meter range of the predominant R-C2 designation. R-CG development on roads that are not main roads is clearly contrary to these points and not in alignment with the ARP. 

At this time this type of land use amendment is premature, given that the city has formed the North Hill Working Group and is in the middle of active consultation with community associations and residents. The intent of this work is to set goals and a vision for these communities with the intent of addressing and revising ARPs that are old and out of date.  We have been actively participating in these meetings and look forward to a broad comprehensive plan leading to a revised ARP for Mount Pleasant. 

  1. Engagement

We are currently seeing the first applications of this type in Mount Pleasant; high density within the tradition residential core of the community. There are no other high density row-house/townhouse developments in the community outside of the main streets and the community hub between 4th Street and 5th Street, from 22nd Avenue to 24th Avenue. A unique and ground breaking application like this requires extensive consultation and engagement with the community to fully explain the nuances of it. We are looking for developers and the City to consult with our residents to fully explore this 

Chris Best

Mount Pleasant Community Association Board Director 

Planning, Transportation, & Land Use Committee Chair

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    Given that we recently had a local community member planted some trees in the green space on 20th Ave (Dog Park) and on the boulevard the City has provided the following key point: Trees and shrubs are regulated under the Street Bylaw and under section 68(6) : No owner or occupant of private property adjacent to a Street shall plant any trees, plants, or shrubbery of any nature on the Boulevard without first obtaining a line assignment and excavation permit from the Director, Roads. – Essentially to plant on a city boulevard you need permission from the Roads Department All trees planted by Urban Forestry are sourced in accordance with the Clean Plants Program. This insures that the plant material we receive is free from pests and disease. The introduction of unknown trees and shrubs into a greenspace could potentially bring pest or disease that has an overall impact on the urban forest. Urban Forestry would not be aware of the “ random trees” so they would not be added into our inventory system. Our tree inventory is how we determine maintenance schedules, watering schedules, and regular inspections for health and risk. Appropriate placement and planting is essential so there is no interference or damage caused to underground utilities. Proper placement also allows maintenance activities such as mowing to remain efficient, and allow enough spacing so machinery and trees are not damaged.
  • Addition & Renovation Verses New Hall

    Mount Pleasant Community Association Community Hall Addition & Renovation Verses New Hall Our Original Community Hall was constructed in 1959 and had the west side added in 1989, so we are dealing with essentially a 60-year-old structure. It has approximately 6500 square feet including the upper and lower halls. If you have had any involvement with the building, you recognize that it is very cut up and dated. About five years ago, during my Presidency, we established a need to renovate and add on to the Hall. We had Conceptual drawings prepared to: add a Board Room; Replace the Washrooms; Add an Office; Add on to and refurbish the Kitchen; Do Upgrades to the Basement; Replace the Furnaces and Rooftop Heating and Cooling Units. We did not have Construction Drawings, so we never gathered formal quotes, but our Committee, who are in the Construction Industry had put together a Best Guess of $ to do the project. Any of the replacement renovations would be eligible for Provincial and City Grants that would recap either 50% of the costs and in some cases 75% of the costs. Any new construction would not qualify for any Grant Monies. When we went to pass a motion to expend more funds to move this renovation along, we had kick back from some of the newer Board members who did not have any of the background on the original concept. Their concern was investing that much money on an old building, would we not be better to build a completely new building, so I was tasked with putting the costs together to build a new hall where the east parking lot is and then razing the old hall and installing a new parking lot there. With the assistance of Catherine Gulinao, our NPC Officer from the City of Calgary, we went over what is required from the City to get approval for building a new structure as well as putting me in touch with representatives from other CA’s that are currently in the midst of constructing new facilities. With that in mind I will put together the Pros and Cons of both Renovating & Addition verses building a Completely New Hall. Renovation & Addition Pros: -We have the money required to complete this project (with the addition of Grants) in the bank. -It would require very little volunteer input -The Hall has some historical attachment for some long-time community residents. Cons: -We would lose some rental income while the renovations were going on. -We would still have a cut up building that may not have all the facilities to meet the needs of the current community residences. - We will have to spend $1,176,000.00 over the next 25 years (in 2018 $) to maintain the hall and replace worn out equipment.  As compiled by Stantec Consulting Inc. -We will still be dealing with a 60-year-old structure. New Hall Pros: -Building will be brand new so we will not have to spend a large amount maintaining the hall for a minimum of 5 years. -Building will be designed to meet the needs of the current community  Membership. -We would not lose rental income while the hall was being built. -A new building might give the community a boost and have more involvement with a hall that meets the members needs. Cons: -Costs. We would need to raise between $1.5 and $2.5 million to complete the project, depending on the size and amenities included. -Would make it farther to walk for Sportsplex users who currently park in the east lot. Now that you have some of the background to this issue we are asking all Community Residence to fill out a Questionnaire, that was compiled by our Community Member Jack Lucas, so we can gauge the Communities feeling about Renovation Verses New and to see if we can get a consensus of how the majority of the Community wants to proceed. We would ask that you take the survey online, http://bit.ly/2RZWPsU  or if you do not have computer access please call the Hall Manager, Nickie @ 403-282-1314, on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we will deliver a copy to your door. On behalf of MPCA I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this as well as doing the survey, so we know where to guide the CA in the coming years. Yours, Murray Anderson, Past President and Hall Director -
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  • MPCA Adults Game Day

    Except the forth Wednesday of the month We all need a break at least once a week to relax and chat with other adults.  Join us every Wednesday afternoon from 1:15 to 3:15 in the Upper Hall, 602 22 Ave. NW for games of your choice.  Our games are for fun only – we're not overly competitive and we do like to enjoy some conversation while we play. There are lots of options to choose from: bridge Scrabble crib euchre dominoes indoor badminton (if you'd like to get moving) In summer, we can go outside for bocce and horseshoes. Of course, we're eager to learn other games. If you would like to introduce one to the group, please bring any supplies needed and teach us the basics. We'll supply the coffee, tea, and water.  If you'd like to bring a donation for the Food Bank, we'll add it to MPCA's food drive boxes. If you have any questions or would like to join us, please contact Linda at lohanlon@telus.net or (403) 289-8390.