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Mount Pleasant is pleased to offer 3 Bronze Medallion and Cross Certification courses this summer.
If you have any questions about these courses please contact us.


National Lifeguard Service Award

Available on request with 4+ participants

Cost   NL Certification $ 400

National Lifeguard Service Award
Recertification Available on request

Bronze Medallion/Cross Dual Certification

Must be 13 years of age or Completed Bronze Star

Course 1

June 24-June 28
Monday - Friday 8am - 1pm

Course 2

July 15-July 19
Monday - Friday 8am - 1pm

Course 3

August 12 - 16
Monday - Friday 8am - 1pm


Course Costs:

Bronze Medallion $175.00

Bronze Cross $125.00

Bronze Medallion/Cross $225.00

NL Certification $400.00

NL Recertification $65.00

LSI Recertification $65.00

***We will be running an NL course this summer on the following days from 5-10pm:

Monday July 8, 15, 22, 29, Aug 5, 12, 19, 26

*NL Courses and re-certification courses can also be arranged if there are 4 or more participants if an instructor is available.

*MPOP will be running adult drop in lessons on Monday evenings for $10.00/per class

Multi passes are available ($80.00 for all dates)

Beginner Level (8:00-8:45pm)

Stroke Improvement (8:45-9:30pm)

(June 17, 24, July 8, 15, 22, 29 & Aug 5, 12, 19, 26)


What’s Happening

  • Annual Mount Pleasant Christmas Party

  • The Survey Results Are In!

    Take a look at the survey results for the potential hall renovation or new hall. We ran this survey for several months trying to get as much feedback from all of you as possible. Here are the results. Check them out and if you have anything more to add please email: halldirector@mpca.ca   

    Given that we recently had a local community member planted some trees in the green space on 20th Ave (Dog Park) and on the boulevard the City has provided the following key point: Trees and shrubs are regulated under the Street Bylaw and under section 68(6) : No owner or occupant of private property adjacent to a Street shall plant any trees, plants, or shrubbery of any nature on the Boulevard without first obtaining a line assignment and excavation permit from the Director, Roads. – Essentially to plant on a city boulevard you need permission from the Roads Department All trees planted by Urban Forestry are sourced in accordance with the Clean Plants Program. This insures that the plant material we receive is free from pests and disease. The introduction of unknown trees and shrubs into a greenspace could potentially bring pest or disease that has an overall impact on the urban forest. Urban Forestry would not be aware of the “ random trees” so they would not be added into our inventory system. Our tree inventory is how we determine maintenance schedules, watering schedules, and regular inspections for health and risk. Appropriate placement and planting is essential so there is no interference or damage caused to underground utilities. Proper placement also allows maintenance activities such as mowing to remain efficient, and allow enough spacing so machinery and trees are not damaged.