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Pleasant Times Social Club
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 12:00pm
Contact pleasanttimes@mpca.ca


July was time for our annual pizza picnic in the community park. The group started to gather

about 10:30 that Wednesday morning and three bocce games were quickly started. Others

watched the action and chatted with their neighbours. Just as the pizza arrived, the wind picked

up and a light rain started. That didn’t stop the fun – we just moved inside and enjoyed the

delicious 4 th Street pizza, Caesar salad, and desserts brought by those on the phone invitation list.

Many thanks to the New Horizons For Seniors federal grant for funding our lunches, MPCA for

giving us the use of the Upper Hall, and especially all of the volunteers who make them possible.

We learned a hard lesson last year when we realized we had to rent our bocce field from The

City of Calgary. An extra expense but well worth the chance to enjoy some time outdoors.


Plans are underway for our fall after-lunch entertainment. We hope to have another community

author come to our lunch, have at least one of our participants share some vacation photos,

perhaps show a movie, and, of course, Serge Soucy will play and sing at our special December

lunch. If you’d like to join us after lunch, contact Linda for information on our planned



We’re happy to see the increased number of people who come to our lunches and especially to

hear the volume of conversation. These lunches started to give community residents age 60 and

over a social opportunity, a reason to get out of their houses, renew old friendships, and make

new ones. That said, we know there are more people living in the community who would enjoy

meeting their neighbours and a hot meal each month. We just can’t find you! If you are age 60

or over, live in Mount Pleasant or if you know of someone like this, please get in touch with

Linda at (403) 289-8390 or pleasanttimes@mpca.ca. You’ll learn about our lunches, day trips,

exercise class, book club, and games session – all good ways to expand your world. If you need

a ride, we’ll arrange that for you. We look forward to seeing new as well as familiar faces at our



Pleasant Times Social Club – For All Adults We’re rebranding ourselves! Back in the distant past, for reasons long forgotten, we labelled our

activities as being for “seniors.” This doesn’t really apply as most of our activities (exercise

class, games, day trips, book club) are for adults of all ages. Only the monthly lunches are

limited to those age 60 and above. Even this is flexible. If you are interested in volunteering

for our activities and are age 55 or older, you’re welcome to join us for the lunches. There

are lots of volunteer opportunities. Do you like to work with computers? With money?

Identifying and planning outings? If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Linda at 403 289-

8390 or pleasanttimes@mpca.ca.

What’s Happening


    Given that we recently had a local community member planted some trees in the green space on 20th Ave (Dog Park) and on the boulevard the City has provided the following key point: Trees and shrubs are regulated under the Street Bylaw and under section 68(6) : No owner or occupant of private property adjacent to a Street shall plant any trees, plants, or shrubbery of any nature on the Boulevard without first obtaining a line assignment and excavation permit from the Director, Roads. – Essentially to plant on a city boulevard you need permission from the Roads Department All trees planted by Urban Forestry are sourced in accordance with the Clean Plants Program. This insures that the plant material we receive is free from pests and disease. The introduction of unknown trees and shrubs into a greenspace could potentially bring pest or disease that has an overall impact on the urban forest. Urban Forestry would not be aware of the “ random trees” so they would not be added into our inventory system. Our tree inventory is how we determine maintenance schedules, watering schedules, and regular inspections for health and risk. Appropriate placement and planting is essential so there is no interference or damage caused to underground utilities. Proper placement also allows maintenance activities such as mowing to remain efficient, and allow enough spacing so machinery and trees are not damaged.
  • Addition & Renovation Verses New Hall

    Mount Pleasant Community Association Community Hall Addition & Renovation Verses New Hall Our Original Community Hall was constructed in 1959 and had the west side added in 1989, so we are dealing with essentially a 60-year-old structure. It has approximately 6500 square feet including the upper and lower halls. If you have had any involvement with the building, you recognize that it is very cut up and dated. About five years ago, during my Presidency, we established a need to renovate and add on to the Hall. We had Conceptual drawings prepared to: add a Board Room; Replace the Washrooms; Add an Office; Add on to and refurbish the Kitchen; Do Upgrades to the Basement; Replace the Furnaces and Rooftop Heating and Cooling Units. We did not have Construction Drawings, so we never gathered formal quotes, but our Committee, who are in the Construction Industry had put together a Best Guess of $ to do the project. Any of the replacement renovations would be eligible for Provincial and City Grants that would recap either 50% of the costs and in some cases 75% of the costs. Any new construction would not qualify for any Grant Monies. When we went to pass a motion to expend more funds to move this renovation along, we had kick back from some of the newer Board members who did not have any of the background on the original concept. Their concern was investing that much money on an old building, would we not be better to build a completely new building, so I was tasked with putting the costs together to build a new hall where the east parking lot is and then razing the old hall and installing a new parking lot there. With the assistance of Catherine Gulinao, our NPC Officer from the City of Calgary, we went over what is required from the City to get approval for building a new structure as well as putting me in touch with representatives from other CA’s that are currently in the midst of constructing new facilities. With that in mind I will put together the Pros and Cons of both Renovating & Addition verses building a Completely New Hall. Renovation & Addition Pros: -We have the money required to complete this project (with the addition of Grants) in the bank. -It would require very little volunteer input -The Hall has some historical attachment for some long-time community residents. Cons: -We would lose some rental income while the renovations were going on. -We would still have a cut up building that may not have all the facilities to meet the needs of the current community residences. - We will have to spend $1,176,000.00 over the next 25 years (in 2018 $) to maintain the hall and replace worn out equipment.  As compiled by Stantec Consulting Inc. -We will still be dealing with a 60-year-old structure. New Hall Pros: -Building will be brand new so we will not have to spend a large amount maintaining the hall for a minimum of 5 years. -Building will be designed to meet the needs of the current community  Membership. -We would not lose rental income while the hall was being built. -A new building might give the community a boost and have more involvement with a hall that meets the members needs. Cons: -Costs. We would need to raise between $1.5 and $2.5 million to complete the project, depending on the size and amenities included. -Would make it farther to walk for Sportsplex users who currently park in the east lot. Now that you have some of the background to this issue we are asking all Community Residence to fill out a Questionnaire, that was compiled by our Community Member Jack Lucas, so we can gauge the Communities feeling about Renovation Verses New and to see if we can get a consensus of how the majority of the Community wants to proceed. We would ask that you take the survey online, http://bit.ly/2RZWPsU  or if you do not have computer access please call the Hall Manager, Nickie @ 403-282-1314, on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we will deliver a copy to your door. On behalf of MPCA I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this as well as doing the survey, so we know where to guide the CA in the coming years. Yours, Murray Anderson, Past President and Hall Director -
  • Mount Pleasant Planning, Transportation & Land Use Blog

    Click on the Land and Planning Info tab on the main page
  • MPCA Adults Game Day

    Except the forth Wednesday of the month We all need a break at least once a week to relax and chat with other adults.  Join us every Wednesday afternoon from 1:15 to 3:15 in the Upper Hall, 602 22 Ave. NW for games of your choice.  Our games are for fun only – we're not overly competitive and we do like to enjoy some conversation while we play. There are lots of options to choose from: bridge Scrabble crib euchre dominoes indoor badminton (if you'd like to get moving) In summer, we can go outside for bocce and horseshoes. Of course, we're eager to learn other games. If you would like to introduce one to the group, please bring any supplies needed and teach us the basics. We'll supply the coffee, tea, and water.  If you'd like to bring a donation for the Food Bank, we'll add it to MPCA's food drive boxes. If you have any questions or would like to join us, please contact Linda at lohanlon@telus.net or (403) 289-8390.