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Visioning Report 3 Page 01


Planning, Transportation & Land Use Committee

Mount Pleasant Community Association

Terms of Reference

Purpose: The Planning, Transportation & Land Use Committee (PTLU) will work to ensure that community planning, development and transportation is appropriately addressed to provide a safe and comfortable community for current and future residents. 

Composition: The PTLU will be composed of:

  • Chairperson - Director, Planning, Transportation & Land Use
  • Ex­officio member ­ President, Mount Pleasant Community Association
  • Five (5) to eight (8) general members from the Community
  • New members may be added to the PTLU after attending a minimum of three PTLU meetings and being approved by the current members 
Activities: The PTLU will:

  • meet monthly, or as required, to discuss issues and applications that come before it
  • draft and provide to the City of Calgary submissions on applications reviewed by the PTLU on behalf of the Community
  • attend meetings and events related to planning, development or transportation that may affect the Community
  • communicate with Community residents and developers to ensure information exchange and education
Members: Committee members should:

  • Attend PTLU meetings on a regular basis 
  • Assist in the drafting of submissions to the City on applications
  • Be engaged in local and city wide planning matters outside of their role in the committee
  • Be knowledgeable of the planning documents that apply to the City of Calgary and Mount Pleasant, including the Municipal Development Plan, Area Redevelopment Plans and the Land Use Bylaw
  • Engage in research and information gathering to support their role on the committee and the above objectives
  • Ensure that all discussion during committee meetings is on topic and is respectful of the other members and the committee purpose in general
  • Not represent the Community Association externally unless explicitly authorized by the Committee to do so
  • Forward any issues for Committee discussion to the Chair for assessment, dissemination to the Committee  and inclusion on a meeting agenda as appropriate
  • Notify the Committee chair of any visitors that may be interested in attending a PTLU meeting so the Chair can coordinate their invitation
  • Follow good ethical practices ensuring that anytime a real or perceived conflict of interest is present it is disclosed and the appropriate action is taken
  • Continually look for ways to improve Mount Pleasant as a community in support of the community vision

 Chairperson: The Chair will: 

  • Provide a meeting agenda to all members prior to the meeting
  • Maintain meeting decorum and ensure meeting is managed in a suitable manner 
Quorum: 4 members














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