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Is there a code of conduct?

Yes. All playgroup members when registering must agree to the code of conduct.

Mount Pleasant Playgroup Code of Conduct:

It is the responsibility of each parent (or caregiver) to ensure their child(ren) behaves in a manner that allows for the safe enjoyment of Playgroup by all. The following outlines the type of behaviour that interferes with safe enjoyment of playgroup:

  • A parent (caregiver) ignoring the behaviour or safety of their child(ren),thereby obligating other members to provide guidance, discipline, or comfort.
  • Hitting, shouting or raising a voice in a threatening way.
  • Singling out and humiliating a child.

We stress the practice of positive guidance and discipline that encourages the individuality and confidence of children. Parents (or caregivers) are expected to take an active role in guiding their child(ren) in a positive manner, while encouraging them to share equipment and toys, and to get along with others. We encourage parents (or caregivers) to:

  • Be responsible for the behaviour and safety of their child(ren).
  • Label the behaviour and not the child(ren), and in doing so, help them to learn self-control and accountability.
  • Help the child(ren) to find solutions which are appropriate to the child(ren)’s age and stage of development.

Some other helpful suggestions include:

  • Never discuss a child when other children are present;
  • Never discuss a child within his or her hearing;
  • You are the model for the children. Your behaviour will be a great influence;
  • Praise acceptable behaviour whenever possible;
  • Always be aware of what the children are doing;
  • Speak simply and quietly;
  • Get down to the child’s level when talking to him or her;
  • When giving directions:
    1. Be sure you have the child’s attention;
    2. Emphasize the positive rather than the negative;
    3. Give a choice of two things whenever possible;
    4. Never plead, threaten or strike;
    5. Encourage participation, don’t force it; and,
    6. Remember your manners.

Is there a discipline policy?

Yes, there is and it is specified below. 

If a child is behaving in an aggressive manner (i.e. deliberately hitting or biting another child), it is the responsibility of that child’s parent or caregiver to immediately remove the child from playgroup for the remainder of that day. It does not matter if the child has been at playgroup for 5 minutes or 90 minutes. The child may return to playgroup the following week. Should the aggressive behaviour re-occur, the parent will be responsible to remove the child from playgroup again. If a child is repeatedly behaving in an aggressive manner as described above, and the Playgroup Board receives three written complaints about the child, the child will be asked to stay home from playgroup for a one month period. If the parent or caregiver needs further help with addressing behaviour challenges, they are encouraged to ask for help from a board member to direct them to appropriate resources. If problems with aggressive behaviour still persist following a one month absence from playgroup, the Playgroup Board will re-assess the situation at that time. Further recommendations for counseling may be made and/or the child may be requested to withdraw from playgroup for the remainder of the session for the safety of the other members.

Resources available to help with addressing behaviour challenges:

  • Parenting Power
  • Annie the Nanny
  • Professional Parenting
  • Raymond Parenting
  • Families Matter

This is not an endorsement for the above resources, merely a suggestion of alternatives for parents to look into.

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