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Snack Time  The caregiver who signed up for snack brings a small snack for about 20 toddlers and a separate snack for the caregivers.  A typical snack for the children might have some fruit (pieces of banana, cantaloupe, apples, grapes), some cheese or yogurt tubes, and a small healthy muffin or cookie. The children's snack is dished out in bowls provided at the facility and can be supplemented with animal crackers, or digestive cookies that are always in stock. A drink of 50% apple juice and 50% water is also in stock at all times. The snack for the adults can be anything from cookies, to crackers and cheese, to doughnuts. There is also coffee and tea supplied at the facility for the adults. Due to allergies, and the fact that we share the space with an after-school program, the playgroup space is a NUT-FREE ZONE. We avoid the use of peanuts and all other nuts in the children's snack and the adult's snack. Please be sure to read the ingredients on all snacks you bring in to ensure that they do not contain even traces of peanuts or other nuts. Craft Time Caregivers take turns leading craft time. Sign up to lead the craft on the playgroup bulletin board in the lower hall. The craft cupboard is well stocked craft supplies. Not the crafty type? Don't worry!  Look for the "Craft Ideas" binder in the craft cupboard. There are lots of easy, kid-friendly craft ideas there. Crafts are often seasonally themed. In addition to the daily craft, we have paint supplies and easels and play dough with which the children can be creative. Free Play Playgroup is fortunate to have several play structures and playhouse units. Free play toys include doll houses, play kitchens, foot propelled cars, stuffed dolls, blocks, hero dolls, dinosaurs, cars and trucks, toy tools, costumes, books, puzzles, and much more. Baby toys and equipment are also provided such as exer-saucers and bouncy chairs.

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